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Pick a specific country and view people from only that country.

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At that moment I realized that to speak about the Sherman, you have to know a lot about it, and that is almost impossible to build all the versions.

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Many world religions contain anti-homosexual teachings, while other religions have varying degrees of ambivalence, neutrality, or incorporate teachings that regard homosexuals as third gender.

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Then you can specify how you want your match to respond – yes, no, or any of the above, and there’s also a short text box if you’d like to elaborate on your response.

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The destinies of two people accidentally cross paths: Nelly Maloye, a young detective-in-training, and Simon Picard, a university researcher and anthropologist.

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I want these because my family would be horrified.'" That's one way to rebel against Mom and Dad, and we're going to go out on a limb and assume Green is on board with all of this.