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Comandments of dating

The 42 also has a And if Buffalo Bore makes the 42 nauseous, Freedom Munitions 100 grainers makes it puke all over its shoes.

And plenty have already pointed out that there are other smaller options out there that pack the same number of rounds.

The fact is, for the vast majority of gun buyers out there, the G42 comes with instant credibility because it’s a GLOCK.

I own a P3AT (I’m lucky to have one of the good ones) and I carry it a lot. But it’s not as small or concealable as the little Kel Tec (or an LCP), particularly in jeans. Another difference is in the trigger, though it’s minor.

Particularly in the summer, or when I need to pocket carry. While the 42’s length and width (G42 = .94″ wide, P3AT = .77″) are only marginally bigger, those extra millimeters do make a difference. A good illustration of the size difference is that I can only get 1 1/2 fingers on the P3AT (non-extended) grip, but can easily fit two on the 42’s. I side-by-sided the 42 with Dirk Diggler’s similarly-sized (but much wider) G26, the pistol that a lot of gunfolk will use as a comparison.

The takeaway here is that the GLOCK 42 won’t shoot just anything you cram into it. You won’t have any difficulty hitting anything toward which you point a 42 at a legally explainable personal defense distance.

And unlike some of its similarly-chambered competitors, being a GLOCK, it ships from the factory with a reputation for quality and reliability.Two rather important features everyone wants in their carry gun, no matter the caliber. It looks kinda like they tossed a G19 in a dryer, turned it up to eleven and shrunk the hell out of it.

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So it would seem that the 42’s recoil spring is rather tightly wound, so to speak.We’re talking wailing, gnashing of teeth, rending of clothing, predictions of dogs and cats living together, real wrath of God type stuff. When people actually got their hands on the new packable pistol, most were seriously impressed.Yes, it’s a little bigger than a P3AT or LCP, but it’s remarkably comfortable to hold and won’t bruise your palm at the range.By my caliper, the slide measures a fairly svelte .83 inches. And the field stripping process is exactly the same as it is on every other G-something you’ve ever seen. Unlike the big boys (but similar to the 26) the 42’s backstrap extends down almost flush with the bottom of the magazine.All the early gnashing of teeth that went on about the That’s not to say that the 42 isn’t bigger than, say, a P3AT…it is. This gives you a little more palm room to hold the smaller gun and still ensures that the mag will drop free when your press the release.As far as the pistol’s controls go, everything is GLOCK as usual. The G42 is missing the 26’s vertical ridges on the trigger blade, probably because the blade is narrower on the .380.