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Unlike most of the other CB mixtures, this actually has a little complexity of taste. Leaves little moisture in the bowl, and needs an average number of relights. An all day smoke that, if you're a black cavendish fan, wears fairly well on your senses during the day so long as you don't puff like a steam engine.

Very similar to CB White but with a more refined Vanilla taste that never bit and was always sweet.

As fine an aromatic as you'll find anywhere on the market today, Captain Black stayed true to form with Royal.

I'm only reviewing this because when I first smoked Royal, it was very wet, loaded with PPG, and was way over the top in sweetness...

Now, I do like alot of the OTC tobaccos and upon several recent dicussions I decided to try this again...

However I wouldn't call it mild at all as it is heavy both on flavor and room note, neither its strength - I would say medium-strong in some bowls I've had (and mild-medium rarely). I've noticed that it will dry up considerably fast if not set in a can or ziplocked.

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Soft hints of vanilla and perhaps some chocolate and caramel, subtle rather than overboard like many aromatics nowadays. Smokes nicely in my Big Ben which has a slightly wider bore and therefore easy airflow. In any event, there is so much better tobacco out there that I don't see any reason to touch this ever again.

Overall a very nice aromatic smoke, more complex and higher quality than most people judge. Nevertheless, its flavor is virtually non-existant. The only discerable taste I got was a mild, slightly bitter, aftertaste on the back of my tongue. I guess when I first started, I didn't want tobacco to taste like much of anything.But there are many other mild aromatic tobaccos out there that are good beginner tobacoos and at the same time have an actual flavor. Heavy on the vanilla, right off the pouch it smells very good.The prime reason to buy Captain Black is that you're completely out of something better, and the only thing open late at night is a drug store. Dark, and yellow bright cavendish stripes will be found in a loose cut.I will say in its defense that it is a bit better than the other Grade Z pipe tobaccos available at the drugstore--namely Prince Albert (which is rancid stuff).Sure, it's just a beginner tobacco, as everyone has already noted.As with some of the other Captain Black products, you have to sip it to avoid tongue bite.